Current Research Projects:
  • A Randomized, Controlled Clinical Study to Evaluate the Safety and Effectiveness of Cortoss┬« Synthetic Cortical Bone Void Filler in Vertebral Augmentation

  • Optimesh┬« with Moreselized Allograft Bone for Use in Vertebral Body Augmentation, A Prospective Non-Randomized Study

  • Kyphoplasty And Vertebroplasty In the Augmentation and Restoration of Vertebral Body Compression Fractures; A Randomized, Prospective Study.

  • Iliopsoas Transarticular Release and Intracapsular Placation for Treatment of Patients with Anterior Hip and Groin Pain and Numbness; A Retropective Study.

  • A Cadaveric Study to Confirm the Stabilizing Roles of the Medial and Lateral Arms of the Iliofemoral Ligament, Pubofemoral Ligament, Ligamentum Orbicularis, and Ligamentum Teres in Internal and External Ranges of Motion of the Hip from Thirty Degrees Flexion to Ten Degrees Extension

  • Analysis of the Biomechanical Function of the Iliopsoas Tendon, With and Without Tension, and the Resulting Effects on Intradiscal Pressure-A Cadaveric Study

  • Assessing the Accuracy of the Physical Examination in Detecting Pathologic Processes of the Hip:Comparing Physical Examination and Imaging Results to Arthroscopic Intraoperative Findings; A Retrospective Study